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Over the years we’ve had the privilege of working with a number of outstanding companies and clients.

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BBM Bureau of Measurement

PeopleMeter TV Ratings Service Launch

BBM Bureau of Measurement Samples

BBM Bureau of Measurement had a big job ahead of them when they launched the first Canadian electronic TV Ratings Service. They had to take a technically complicated 'PeopleMeter' service and make it easy for the average Canadian family to understand and operate.

Since BBM Bureau of Measurement is owned and operated by Canadian Advertising Agencies, Advertisers, and Broadcasters, the launch of this new 'PeopleMeter' had to be both comprehensive and very cost-effective. It had to be done quickly. And, it had to be done in English...and Chinese.

We approached this task with BBM by reviewing every possible aspect of the program up front to determine the time and cost parameters. Then we produced an intricate Workback Schedule detailing the key dates and requirements of every single project in the overall program and worked out a way to save time and money through parallel production processes. We developed a friendly mascot called 'Meter Head' and produced materials that spoke to every member of BBM's average 'target family,' from colouring books and stickers to teach the kids how and when to use the PeopleMeter Remote Control, to an easy-to-read Guide Booklet for the rest of the family. Reminders like Fridge Magnets and Telephone Stickers, Certificates and Questionnaires, and money-holders and Christmas cards finished off the program. Then we followed up with a moderate Ad Campaign to the Industry to let them know of the new PeopleMeter Service.

It was a lot of work, but it was hugely successful—and a lot of fun.