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Over the years we’ve had the privilege of working with a number of outstanding companies and clients.

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Kodak Entertainment Imaging

Corporate Advertising, Marketing & Communications,
Sponsorships and Event Marketing

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When you make Motion Picture Film for the people who make Motion Picture Films, you have to be continually improving your product; allowing the moviemaker to capture and project images on film with more accurate colour and finer detail than ever before. Kodak Entertainment Imaging stays at the forefront of the Film Industry by continually developing products and services that serve the needs of their customer, and that continue to bring the magic of movies to the audience.

Maguire Marketing + Communications made sure that Kodak's advertising was as professional and cost-effective as their products. Through an ongoing partnership we provided the full gamut of Marketing + Communications services from Strategic Planning, and Brand Management through Conceptual Development, Media Advertising and Production, Corporate Video, Product Launches, Script Writing, Event Planning and Coordination, Premium Incentives, and a host of related Print and Online communications. On strategy, On budget, and On time.